asked: whoi s ur fav thrones character ?


drogo was my second favorite but since they’re gone really all i care about anymore is sansa

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1 week ago on 07 April 2014

asked: top 5 favorite actors and top 5 movies :)

  1. joaquin phoenix
  2. woody harrelson
  3. kevin spacey
  4. christian slater
  5. daniel brühl

and favorite movies

  1. american beauty
  2. reality bites
  3. almost famous
  4. the royal tenenbaums
  5. empire records 
1 week ago on 02 April 2014

asked: i wanna eat midnight diner pie and talk about elvis with you

omfffffg come be my best friend

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1 month ago on 05 March 2014

asked: can you post a photo of the guy you keep talking about :)


1 month ago on 17 February 2014

asked: favorite songs of all time?

umm i’ll give you my top 10 :)

pale blue eyes - the velvet underground
moonchild - king crimson
1979 - smashing pumpkins
disenchanted - my chemical romance
fade into you - mazzy star
stay - lisa loeb
4th of july - shooter jennings
danny’s song - kenny loggins
breathe me - sia
parallel universe - red hot chili peppers

1 month ago on 17 February 2014

asked: I love your nails, and your coffee mug, and that beanie. And those shades. Girl I'm lovin it. (I'm not being creepy I just love commenting)

girl i love youuuuu

2 months ago on 05 February 2014

asked: 54, 53, 56.

54- Do you believe in ghosts, werewolves or vampires? I believe in ghosts 100%. the other 2 not so much!!!

53. How old were you when you lost your virginity? 17. and the best thing i remember about that night was that we were drunk on cheap vodka, in a cheap disgusting room at the super 8 and disarm by smashing pumpkins was on in the background

56. Which fictional movie character most resembles who you are? Sam from now & then

2 months ago on 05 February 2014